All About Kiara

Kiara is a movie fanatic and wants to be a director when she grows up. If IMDB had a human component it would probably be her. She has a ton of siblings, and by a ton, we’re talking about 3 brothers and 2 sisters. There’s never enough to go around in her family, but Kiara has made a movie sanctuary out of her side of the room.

Things in Kiara’s room:

Movies! Rows and rows of shelves of them. But she also has a bin in which she keeps her hair brushes. She keeps a journal of movie ideas that she doesn’t share with anyone. She would have movie posters hanging up but her wall space is covered by shelving.

Media_Cabinet (pic from

Her favorite movies are fantasy movies and the longer the better. She also loves romantic comedies.

Her favorite actor is Orlando Bloom. Her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence

One unique factor about Kiara is her rapunzel like hair.

8801df98eb6da1322d65c7a71c7fd8a9  (long blond hair

She hasn’t cut it in 6 years after a freak hair cut accident.  Her hair has become  part of who she is, and she can’t imagine cutting it.

A lot of guys at school think Kiara is really cute and she is, in a Tinker bell kind of way. Unfortunately, she gets a lot of flack from some of the girls because of it, even though Kiara hasn’t given any boy at school the time of day.

She knows she makes her friends watch movies with her, but she secretly wishes one of them would all of sudden love it as much as she does. Raya is probably as close as she’s going to get.

Kiara is athletic and flexible, but has no desire to join any sports teams.

She listens to a lot of soundtrack music.

Her favorite food is velveeta shells and cheese.


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