All Things Shari

Shari is very organized. You’d find everything in it’s rightful place in her room using organization solutions from the Container store or fashionable office supplies from PaperChase or Office Depot’s line See Jane work.


Even though that may sound extremely boring, Shari’s quirkiness comes from her wardrobe. She tries to be fashionable while maintaining her nerdiness. She loves knee length skirts with leggings and calf-high boots, jackets and a different layering of tops. She wears all sorts of ties, suspenders, hair clips, and watches. She spends time planning out what she is going to wear every night.

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Shari’s favorite color is black.

She secretly (and by secretly I mean everyone knows it, but she won’t admit it) has a major crush on her 25 yr old math teacher.

Her favorite television stations to watch are most of the channels under the Discovery family plus the CW or Teen nick whenever she needs her brain to slow down.

Her favorite radio station is WBEZ 91.5 Chicago and radio Vocalo. Shari doesn’t like to dance, and she doesn’t enjoy music that much. Her grandmother did try to get her to play a musical instrument, but like dancing, if it exerts too much physical energy, she doesn’t like it. If she has to listen to anything, she’d rather it be people’s ideas.

Shari is ethnically mixed and with that comes her mass of curly black hair. Just like her outfits, she spends time making sure her hair tidy. The most recent hair comparison would be Gratuity Tucci from the Movie Home, if Tip’s hair was black.


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