All Things Willow

Willow is very low maintenance. She is nonchalant when it comes to most things. You could find her lazily flipping through a fashion or entertainment magazine like J-14, Teen vogue, Seventeen, and Glitter.  8734-MA-1-med

Willow loves to dance, and she and Raya dance a lot, but Willow is actually really good, but thinks it’s too much of a bother to go out for any teams or heaven forbid actually practice and go out for a dance competition.

Her hair is always braided in intricate cool designs, which her sister does for her.images-2 images-3 Unknown-1 Unknown-2IMG_0971 pics from mynauturalreality.com thirstyroots.com pinterst and from the author.

Willow’s favorite Pandora radio station is her Rihanna station with David Guetta added in for variety.

Her ideal guy, which she doesn’t think exists in her neighborhood, would be a tall sexy business type guy. He would be able to make the cover of GQ. He would also love to cook in his spare time. She thinks jocks are overrated and a pain.

She and her sister are really close, but they argue all the time.

Willow misses her mom, but she doesn’t let it show. One day, she wants to find her.


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